What to expect in the Kruger this winter?

What to expect in the Kruger this winter?

Generally, the winter season here in Kruger is considered to be between the months of May and August. This period is when the temperatures drop, a high-pressure cell settles in and blue skies cover the bush on a near-daily basis. It’s a period where there is little to no rain and is commonly regarded as the dry months in the bush…But boy do we love them!

These temperatures create the perfect traveling conditions to enjoy the very best of the Park.

During winter in the Park, the bush alters its daily flow to adapt to the change in food availability, hours of sunshine and access to water. The lack of rain means the bush isn’t as green and lush as the summer months reducing food variety for the herbivores. This shorter supply means that both grazers and browsers will move closer to more prominent food and water sources, and of course this means where the game is, so are the predators, providing many exciting viewing opportunities!

During the winter months, the watercourses as well as water holes become “the local hangout”, making this time of year a very special time for viewing the great many inhabitants of the Park.

Winter does see more than half the Parks’ bird life move towards the equator, and the flora is not as vibrant, but on the other hand, winter brings many other benefits. These are some of the cool things we love about winter in the KNP.

  • Cooler days making traveling easier, especially for children
  • Action-packed day trips
  • More time on the vehicle means greater possibility of sightings
  • Opportunity to see some of the Parks more “elusive” inhabitants
  • Greater visibility in the bush
  • Game concentration around water sources
  • Cosy evening fires recapping on the day’s adventures!

If you are considering a winter in the Kruger, take a look at our cosy rooms and book your getaway with us!

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